Research & Results: Point Blank Design Thinking Lab

By Christoph Welter

In Conferences

Time has been flying since we attended this years Research & Results. All our creative booth materials are back in their shelves here in Berlin, but they great memories still linger in our heads.

First of all, many, many thanks to all of the amazing people who visited us in our Design Thinking Lab. We love our work and of course we loved talking about it and discussing how our way of Design Driven Research could help you with your challenges.

We craft impact is not only our motto. It represents how we think and work. Consequently our Research & Results booth was designed and build by no one else than ourselves!

The same effort went into our presentations. Nanette and Johanna talked about the power of video as an alternative output format to bring market research results to life. And Jork and Christoph’s workshop on Design Thinking sprints was so popular there wasn’t an empty seat in the room! In case you missed their talk, check out this video, where Christoph tells you all you need to know about design thinking. Or even better: Register for our Design Thinking Sprint webinar in January.

Just let us know how to contact you!

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