Point Blank and Babbel @ Esomar Congress

We're joining forces with Babbel for a talk at the upcoming Esomar Congress on September 24th

By Christoph Welter

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It’s Congress Time! Every September, the big Traveling Research Circus that is Esomar Congress is visiting a new city, and this year it is all happening here in Berlin – yay!

Of course, we wanted to be part of the proceedings when the biggest research event of the year is visiting our home town. So we teamed up with Berlin based language learning wizards Lesson Nine… you will know them from their famous app Babbel – probably the most talked about professional language learning App out there, at least when you count the number of users talking about it in different languages.

To stay in the metaphor, we are asking: ‚Look who’s talking‘? But fear not, we’re not going into cheesy Hollywood film territory – instead we are showcasing what happens when you infuse a data driven marketing culture with a real sense of the people behind the numbers. Okay, you could say, all good qualitative research projects provide a palpable sense of people, their hopes, dreams and motivations, so what’s new? Right you are, so we are going two steps further here – and we are asking:

  1. How can we change the culture of research towards a new model of collaboration between agency and client side researchers
  2. How can we change the role of the client side researcher in bringing that sense of ‚the people behind the numbers’ into the organisation and make sure that it leads to a cultural evolution

If you are at Congress, then join us for our talk on Monday, September the 24th at 14:05, or indeed tune in via Esomar TV

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