Christoph Welter

Scottish soul: Having travelled pretty much to every corner of Scotland over the years, Christoph gave it a go on his last trip to try and learn how to play the bagpipes.

Unbelievable? Yes, it's a lie.

Christoph Welter

Managing Director
Connecting the dots between sociological and psychological theory and empirics, Christoph polished his conceptually-based and planning-driven approach to research for several years before becoming Point Blanks Head of Consumer Research and resident Black Hole. In the context of the latter, Christoph has made it his personal responsibility to foster complete and utter befuddlement as to the apparent non-relation between his food intake and body weight. When Christoph is not eating or furthering innovation and knowledge culture at Point Blank, he also likes to nerd out about high fashion, lifestyle gadgets and music. (His best-of lists are legendary!) 

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