Playful Techniques

By Barbara Lang

In Tools

At Point Blank we love to play! That’s why we always aim to integrate playful methods into our interviews or group discussions.

But don’t worry, it’s not only because we are all children at heart. The reason why we encourage our participants to build with Lego, create a story with Storycubes, prototype solutions at the crafts table or drive on the fast lane with our brand race is that it often allows us to gather insights beyond what is said.

By using fun and out-of-the-box methods, participants can get beyond the cliché of superficial and pre-conceived opinions – and end up telling you more than they would in a regular discussion. Why did they pick a superhero to represent a brand or a product? What attributes do the associate with Superman? What’s his kryptonite? Who would win the brand race: the sophisticated race car or the conventional but reliable truck? By using playful methods, we open up a whole new layer in the discussion and dig deeper to get you the insights you really need.

  • Bring fun to the table: for the participants and also for you behind the mirror
  • Dig deeper and get a better understanding of implicit attitudes and values
  • Inspire new connections and thoughts by playing

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