By Gerhard Keim

In Tools

Let’s play – and think with your hands

Didn’t everyone love playing with Legos as a kid? Let’s go back in time and unpack the colorful bricks.

We let consumers – and you if you want – think with their hands. They use their hands and translate their cognitive side through a creative process, in which they shape their ideas, brick by brick. This hand-mind connection is fast and powerful. It allows even abstract concepts to take shape, making them visible, tangible, and explainable. We will guide them to go with the flow of their hands and express their convictions and ideas. In their models, they’ll give them a shape – the basis for demonstrative storytelling. You will receive a thorough, deeper understanding of your customers, their needs, thoughts and ideas, which benefits your business. We’ll be happy to brickstorm with you too.

  • Get hands-on and build creative ideas
  • Be playful and think out of the box
  • Discover what’s on your consumers’ minds
  • Discuss the metaphoric meaning of objects built
  • Find answers creatively for any challenge


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