Brand Race

By Barbara Lang

In Tools

Ready, steady – go!

Start your engines and speed up the pace to find out what your customers really associate with your brand.

Let them be competitive and start a race with Matchbox cars – like kids do. Every Matchbox car represents a brand and the racetrack visualizes conditions brands face in the market or certain conditions the competing brands find themselves in, which the participants will define initially. Who will cross the finish line first or come the closest? All these questions will be answered in a lively way. Our experts are guiding the race drivers to reflect on the results and justify their choice. The playful approach activates and engages consumers to state and explain their views. An inspiring race that opens your eyes to the customers’ assessments on your brand or products – inspiring, revealing and very useful.

  • Listen to how brands or products compare through their eyes
  • Understand which brand is seen as ahead, or falling behind
  • Find out which aspects enable a brand to leave the competition behind
  • Put differences into words and extract valuable insights

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