By Gerhard Keim

In Tools

Making ideas become tangible – and better

Let’s solidify your ideas and craft them into reality through design-driven methods – in a playful way: With the help of our experts, inspiring ideas have come up to rearrange, re-invent, improve or develop a product according to your quest.

Our next step is to convert these ideas to a more concrete model. During that process the participants of the challenge will learn if their ideas really work. Being hands-on they’ll experience the flaws and the short-comings, but also discover hidden inherent strengths. They fail early, rethinking functions, design, haptics, usability, materials, steps etc. This engages them to immerse deeper into the target groups needs to create objects. Finally, the participants present their prototypes, be it as a physical model or through role play (experience prototyping), explain them and the reasons why they have chosen that line of thinking – demonstrating it, with a model.

  • Make ideas become real – and better
  • Bring ideas alive with your hands or through acting and role play
  • Improve on-the-go when prototyping
  • Share your results in a vivid way with others and discuss them
  • Discover more ideas when trying them out

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