By Christoph Welter

In Tools

Face it – the who is who of your target group

So you’ve got a great idea for a product, a service or a marketing campaign – but do you have a good feeling who you are designing for? Or are you just making assumptions from your own perspective?

Step into the shoes of your target group – Get to know Tim, Peter, Brigitte or Lisa – and what really moves them. Let’s go and explore: Personas are more than a bunch of facts and numbers. They give you a description of fictive, but realistic humans – based on ethnographic research. Learn what they do, how they live, what interests they have, and what moves them. They have a background, a social network, a history, and a future, character traits, hobbies, aims, preferences, contradictions, and conflicts. Personas help you to empathize with customers, to get a better understanding and feeling for them – so you can sharpen your offer. They help you to imagine how people will actually interact with your products or service. Share them in your team and company as reference point – a nucleus of customer centricity.

  • Empathize with your target group
  • Design ideas with actual users in mind
  • Anticipate real life scenarios and how your ideas will fit
  • Win a clear image of single characters in your target group
  • Share with your team and become a user-centricity champion

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