Mobile Ethnography

By Christoph Welter

In Tools

Everyday life insights wherever, whenever

Would you love to be a fly on the wall in a consumer’s everyday life? Mobile Ethnography makes that happen.

People capture, journal and share their activities, thoughts and opinions in real-time. Mobile Ethnography allows us – and you – to follow them along via their smartphones – their always-on, and can’t-go-anywhere-without device. We don’t just ask participants to answer questions, but rather to make experiences, and to perform tasks. We set up clear task lists for participants to go through and work on. For this, we use intuitive platforms that make it easy for participants to react instantly in their on-the-go lives. To show and explain how they use products or meet brands day to day, or what they prefer in which context, they can use selfie-videos, photos, audio and text, and just as easily as with WhatsApp or social media apps.

View your customers’ motivations, consumer behaviors, preferences, dislikes and needs. Understand their way of thinking about your brands or current consumer experience. What are the barriers they face and how do they feel about your brand image? Via Mobile Ethnography you will gain detailed insights to all this in a simple way:

  • Get a peak into consumers’ everyday life
  • Marvel at rich media insights in real-time
  • Gain understanding with directional tasks
  • Capture on the fly insights with always-on smartphones and user-friendly interfaces

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