Immersion Safaris

By Christoph Welter

In Tools

Go on tour with us

Are you and your team in need of fast insights to get directions to move ahead? Have you always wanted to know what your customers really need?

We’re taking you on a ride to observe them in their everyday life. Sit back and enjoy the ride. Have no fear: No one will bite. Get on the tour bus and watch your customers in their environment. Together with members of your team we will take you to their homes and work places. Hop off the bus and enjoy prime access to your customers’ world, while helping you to find challenges and much more. Gain valuable insights and better understanding. Our experienced tour guides come from specialized backgrounds of sociology, ethnography and psychology. They will support you passionately in the quest of finding what your customers truly need. Join our tour bus and fasten your seatbelt. It’s going to be an inspiring ride.

  • Discover and step into your customers’ world
  • Learn and immerse yourself in their daily routine and be inspired by their insights
  • Share and discuss strategic and tactical implications with your team
  • Develop and work out a plan to put your learnings into action

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