Customer Jury

By Gerhard Keim

In Tools

Do you dare?

‘Sorry, you’re not going to be in the recall.’ Oh, that sucks. But hey, this clear refusal helps to not just overthink one’s own singing talent, it also helps companies to adjust a product or service.

As part of development workshops with clients and experts we invite select consumers as a ‘jury’. Client teams work out their ideas and ‘pitch’ them to the jury, who comment and judge the ideas. The jury is held to being honest and giving constructive feedback on the briefly pitched ideas. In a 1st round of feedback the teams can find out what consumers might be missing or would deter them from buying or using, re-work it, and pitch it again. In the 2nd round of feedback the jury selects the winning ideas. It’s a great way to make the process of creating ideas more engaging and refining ideas on-the-go based on consumer feedback. Are you strong enough to face the real jury?

  • Develop ideas in a more engaged way
  • Present ideas in a profound way to your target
  • Get consumer feedback at an early stage
  • Receive valuable feedback

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