Maxine Schad Maxine Schad

Dangerous game: When Maxine was younger, she was playing wildly with her baby Labrador until he almost bit her ear off. She was taken to hospital, however today you can't see any marks - she still loves her dog.

Yes, it's true!

Maxine Schad

Research Executive
Blending a keen work ethic, mastery of business psychology and the energy of your favourite HIIT workout class, Maxine has quickly adapted to life at Point Blank since joining in 2020. Advancing from a starting role to Research Executive in a short space of time, Maxine brings enthusiasm, creativity and drive to all her projects. Whether conducting research, writing reports or drafting proposals Maxine tackles everything with the same drive and energy. And in her spare time, you can find her teaching jumping fitness at the gym. Let’s take it higher!

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