Jork Dieter Jork Dieter

Painting Passion: Inspired by Yves Kleins monochromes, seven year-old Jork had a manic period painting monochrome pictures. His mother archived every single one.

Unbelievable? But it's true!

Jork Dieter

Associate Director Design & Innovation
A wholehearted designer, and a believer in the amazing potential of people to create great things. A big-picture thinker. A lover of small details. A teacher. A lecturer. A mentor to young social entrepreneurs from all over the world. A founder of his own living room academy… We could go on, but perhaps you get the picture: Jork is deeply tuned into the needs and desires of people, whether they’re clients, consumers or his own team. This–coupled with his extensive experience in design, innovation consulting, and brand development–is what guides him in taking the powerful combination of design and research to the next level at Point Blank. After all, we’re always stronger together!

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