Dr. Johanna Glaser Dr. Johanna Glaser

Hyper, hyper: Johanna has been to not only one but 5 shows of the techno trash band Scooter

Unbelievable? But it's true!

Dr. Johanna Glaser

Director Research

A vet, a digital innovations manager, and an experienced healthcare researcher walk into a bar. That’s not the beginning of a joke; that’s just what happens when Johanna walks into a bar. But how does she make such complexity look so easy? Well, that’s because it’s simply natural for Johanna to want to find new ideas and novel perspectives, and to pick up new skills to add to her toolbox. Why just analyse when you can innovate? Why just research when you can empower? Exactly. Cheers to that!

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Co-Creation is a wonderful and exciting way to increase the impact of results and improve the way they are implemented…

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