Dr. Daniel Mai Dr. Daniel Mai

One of Daniel's personal credos is "Eat anything that moves, at least once". He had alligator, brown bear, rattle snake, scorpion, lama, and silkworms, among others, but his favorite so far has been guinea pig.

Unbelievable? But it's true!

Dr. Daniel Mai

Associate Director

Asking “what the heck is going on” is one of Daniel’s mantras and a fundamental for his role as Associate Director of Research. Using techniques like ‘nosing around’, ‘asking simple questions’ and ‘understanding the difference between a blink and a wink’, Daniel’s natural curiosity has led him from Copenhagen to New York and London, before finally settling back in his hometown Berlin. Well-travelled, well-versed and well-reasoned, Daniel likes to get people talking and doesn’t shy away from the spotlight himself. As well as being a star in his field he also loves performing on stage, either as a classically-trained Jazz guitarist or doing a James Brown routine. Get up off of that thing.