Journey Maps

By Mirjam Kempka

In Tools

The bigger, the better

This is the real big picture! In a glance, see the flow of experiences, in which decisions and actions are embedded, how aspects and touchpoints relate to each other, what triggers them and holds them back. Our journey maps are research-driven and make your customers’ experience and insights visible – at every single step of the way. They show you the perception of all steps, pain points, drivers, key influences, possible barriers and delights, as well as critical or neuralgic effects. Our designers visualize this all on a poster with scribbles, colors, lines, graphics and pictures. We make the findings vivid and design ways to highlight the flow of topics and correlations.
It’s a tool you and your team can use to jointly dive deeper into your clients’ experience or derive customer-related strategies and play through the effects of different what-if scenarios.

  • Make your customers’ experiences visible and vivid
  • Have a clear view onto your status quo
  • See chances and barriers and discuss them
  • Find strategic solutions together with your team


Associate Director Research

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